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DIET PLAN – Special tips not to forget.


Remember: Half a loaf of bread is better than no bread..Something is better than nothing. That is, eat something more frequently than absolutely not eating anything…..which is a wrong myth. Rather eat less but more frequently. Don’t starve yourself for a long period as that will turn into fats.

    • Be slow and steady but persistently go on and don’t give up!
    • Take at least 2-3 litre of water daily. Half a litre between meals.
    • In a day try to have 5-6 meals with a gap of 3 hours.
    • Aim at having 3 fruits daily. Have a whole fruit but no juice. Avoid chikoo, papaya, mango, banana, custard apple.
    • Try to consume homemade skimmed milk and also curd made out of this milk. As this milk provide all goodness of milk except fats.
    • Eat all colourful vegetables, include green leafy too. Avoid potato, brinjal, sweet potato, peas.
    • Eat lot of salads before every meal. Make your salads interesting by adding pomegranate or apples or pineapple or raisins, sprouts or chicken slices.
    • Eat your meals very slowly and don’t watch TV or read book or talk on phone, just be with your food only.
    • Try and suffice 3 teaspoons of oil in the entire day food preparation. To use minimum oil, start using different methods like steaming, baking grilling, roasting and start using pressure cooker preparations.
    • Limit your daily sugar intake as excess turns easily into fats.
    • Add a variation to daily cereals intake in breakfast like can have rawa or dalia, oats, jowar, bajra , nachni preparations. Don’t follow” NO CARBS” diet plans…
    • Avoid legumes and whole pulses in night. Thin moong dals is a good option.Use plenty of sprouts and soy in your diet.
    • Exercise daily… negative energy balance is possible by only exercising….floor exercises are the best, like surya namaskars, skipping, climb up the stairs, make a conscious efforts to do stretchings.
    • Start saying NO to excess food
    • If there is a will, there is a way…don’t wait, lose excess weight happily and start feeling fresh all the time.

Early morning before breakfast - 4 almonds.


    • Dalia - 1 katori / poha or upma with vegetables/2 wheat bread slices with begetables and hung curd dressing/2 small rotis stuffed with begetables / wheat flakes/oats
    • Milk - 1 cup / curd (1/2 katori) + 1Egg / Paneer (40 gms)

    Evening Snack

    • Milk - 1 cup (150 ml)
    • Bhunna channa - 1/2 katori / 1 besan chilla / 1 boiled egg white / sprouts (1/2 katori)
    • Late Evening - 1 Fruit


    • Salad - 1 medium plate
    • Dal - 1 katori
    • Vegetables - Katori
    • Curd/veg - raita - 1 katori
    • Roti -2


    • Salad - 1 medium Plate
    • Green leafy vegetables - 1 Katori
    • Dal (sabut/whole) - 1 Katori
    • Roti - 2 medium sized
    • Curd (Dahi) - 1 Katori