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  • World class fully equipped modular embryo lab

  • German made be (ERBE) Cauteries

  • J&J (USA made) harmonic System

  • Stryker Lapro Hysteroscopy Set

  • Micromanipulator ICSI Unit

  • Cryopreservation

  • Thawing / Nitrification

    Embryo thawing is simply a reversal of the freezing procedure. The embryos are removed from the storage tank and are warmed to room temperature in 30 seconds.

  • Advanced Andrology Lab

    For more accurate diagnosis, Sincere Andrology Laboratory offers advanced sperm functional tests that will provide more specific information about sperm formation to help physicians pinpoint the male factor infertility and develop an optimal treatment plan for their male patients.

  • Advanced birthing unit for delivery

    A birthing center or centre is a healthcare facility, staffed by nurse midwives, midwives and/or obstetricians, for mothers in labor, who may be assisted by doulas and coaches. By attending the laboring mother, the doulas can assist the midwives and make the birth easier.

  • Super Speciality Pathology Lab

    The Department of Pathology at Sprouting Seeds IVF and Fertility Center aims to achieve the highest standards in patient care, research and education. Our department is the pioneer for various state-of-the-art technology initiatives in the city.

  • High Quality Ultrasound Unit

    Medical ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique, or therapeutic application of ultrasound. ... Ultrasound are sound waves with frequencies which are higher than those audible to humans (>20,000 Hz). ... imaged at a lower frequency 1–6 MHz with lower axial and lateral resolution as a price of deeper tissue penetration.

  • Quality Store Pharmacy

    A pharmacy is a retail shop which provides prescription drugs, among other products. At the ... professional communicator with patients, other healthcare providers and decision makers; Deliver high quality products